Stuffed Animals

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Laddie The Highland Cow

Laddie 10” the creamy colored coat allows him to stand out in the herd! His unruly tuft of fur atop his head catches everyone’s attention.

Marshmallow Putty Patches Kitty

Patches Kitty 10” is super soft with cream and grey patches of fabric is a great gift for the cat lovers. The blue eyes, embroidered smile and whiskers complete the look for this cutie.

Mickey Mouse

Disney’s Mickey Mouse adorned in his trademark red shorts and yellow shoes, radiates his timeless charm. He is 13” tall and has embroidered facial features.

Minnie Mouse

Disney’s Minnie Mouse captures the hearts of children of all ages with her magical smile. She is 13” tall and has embroidered facial features.

Nellie Soft Horse

Saddle up and get ready for some Wild West fun. Nellie 10” Soft Horse has over sized hooves and a plump, cuddly body which means more of her to love and hug.

Pablo Puppy

Pablo Puppy is an 11” Fab Fuzz. This puppy features a floppy body with multiple different textures from the ears, tail, and his footpad fabrics.